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Angel Straight was born on December 31st, 2016. My father, J. Lyndon Good, had written many songs over the years. Although I had heard him sing a few of his songs around the house, I did not know the extent of his work. One night, on New Year’s Eve, my mother mentioned to me that he had a series of recordings of his songs that I had never heard. I have always been a voracious fan of a wide variety of music, so I wanted to hear them. My father and I unearthed about twenty recordings from his archives, and I was blown away. I knew that I wanted to record all of his music and share it with others. Within months, we began writing songs together, three of which I performed at my high school’s annual variety shows. After my performance of “No, Not Quite” as a senior, the reaction of my classmates inspired me to pursue music. The summer after graduation, in 2019, my family relocated from Metro-Detroit to the Nashville area, where my father and I began performing live and recording our first CD, Colours in the Night. We are independent artists.


We decided to create a name to represent our collaboration. My father’s mother was a singer in the USO during World War II, and her maiden name was Straight; we included it in our name as an homage to her. 


We are thrilled to share this collection of songs with you. There are more to come!




Jenna Good, of Angel Straight

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